Programmer, born in '72.
He programmed the gaming engine in Actionscript for Flash (6, 7 e 8) and the SCUGA (Script Creation Utility for Genere Avventura) system to compile rooms, objects and dialogs.
He wrote some of the gaming texts, keeping an eye on limiting the Off Topic tendency of LaStrisia reminding him that this project is not a political debate but an adventure game.
He realized to have a natural talent for grabbing which has developed until he became Grandmaster Grabber: this feature made him help jerrymouse finding the right inspiration to draw many small graphic elements suggesting shapes and colors.
He strongly holds the group's record for Ghosts'n Goblins.

  • Favourite videogames: Ultima Online, Monkey Island 1 and 2, Day of the Tentacle, Kick Off and MAME emulations
  • Favourite comics: Bonelli and the Peanuts
  • Favourite movies: They Call Me Trinity (where his nickname comes from)
  • Favourite music: Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, AC-DC (He's a metalhead!)


Class of '73. He wrote most of the texts of the game and of the site, being sometimes helped (or boycotted) by Timido.
The hardest part of his work was in fact to overcome the soviet-like censorship that IlTimido, regardless of their long friendship, put on whatever he wrote.
Even if he is a convinced cyclist, he always went to the group meetings by car... sigh!
But the province is far and in the morning the alarm clock rings way too early.
In the good old times IlTimido kept beating him at Tehkan World Cup, but now he is the best scorer in the group. Thanks Picchi-O-Matic!

  • Favourite videogames: F1 Dream, Tehkan World Cup, Final Fight
  • Favourite comics: Ken Parker, V for Vendetta
  • Favourite movies: The Big Lebowski, The Wild Bunch, Animal House
  • Favourite music : Fugazi, CCCP, F. De Andrè


First of all : jerrymouse without any capital letter, always!
He's a graphician for job and for passion. He was born in good old '76.
He took care of art direction and interface. Actually he drew everything you see here.
Having been an illustrator he grit his teeth and he took care of animations, scenery, direction, and many other things never done before.
He really hopes that you're going to like the result!
In the (little) free time he plays videogames, he works as a carpenter and builds Picchi-O-Matic.
He's the group's champion in Track & Field.

  • Favourite videogames : Yoshi's Island, Final Fantasy (Mostly the sixth episode), and many other console games
  • Favourite comics: Frank Miller e Alan Moore's work, Hell Boy, Manga (above all: Oh! My Goddess!)
  • Favourite movies : action movies, animation movies and Pulp Fiction
  • favourite music : Iron Maiden, Extreme, but he also listens to things that you'd never imagine

Hallamittuna e Lukexli

Co-creators and co-authors of the original subject, they're two colleagues in real life of IlTimido.
In the early phases of the development they've realized some character studies. They left the group for personal reasons and took different paths.
Lukexkli still works with IlTimido.
They both have fun designing and making online videogames, among other things.
Hallamittuna doesn't work with IlTimido anymore. Last time he was seen strolling around the Monferrine hills.
It looked like his new occupations were gardening and agritourism.

Hallamittuna e Lukexli


Class '82. He's got an elmer fudd-like 'r' and a noble name, but you won't find any
ing in history books who shares his name.
He tested the game (having lots of fun while doing it), he added some lines to the
game (having quite some fun while doing it) and he translated the site
and the game into english (not having a fun time at all while doing it).
Also he likes to link the other guys to disgusting shock sites, and he gets quite
a chuckle when he does that.
He's a computer science engineer, but he still has to figure out what a computer
science engineer actually does, so he makes videogames.
His most recent blockbuster is The Butler did it! published by
Draconus Entertainment.

  • Favourite videogames : Star control 2
  • Favourite comics: Carl Barks e Don Rosa
  • Favourite movies : The Last Boyscout, The Big Lebowski, The Naked Gun series, Ben-Hur of 1959
  • favourite music : classic rock, Amiga modules and SID

The Others

A huge load of people contributed with the creation of the game giving us material, conceptual and spiritual help.
We'd like to mention, above all :
Steobon (IlFiga): who made all the musics;
Lalla: who gave us invaluable help to forge the group identity;
Adrian_Harris, Phiria and LA75: whose deep beta-testing helped us removing the errors in the game.
To all the others, but only for reasons of space: grazie!

The Others